Guardianship Abuse: Jack Halpern Provides Insight

When money is at stake and there is entrenched family conflict, things can turn ugly when family have differing opinions on elder care. Jack Halpern provides his thoughts on recent court rulings regarding guardianship. READ MORE

Senior Care Franchise

MEA Launches New Franchise Website

Franchisors understand that many of the franchise prospects that they attract are in a job transition. Figuring out what to do next will take plenty of due-diligence and research, as buying a franchise has as much to do with the “feel” and “culture” of the franchisor as it does with the capital investment and financial model. To assist candidates with …

Senior Care Franchisors

Franchise Times Does Q&A With Jack & Claudine Halpern On Why They Decided To Franchise

If the number of calls from people who are interested in learning more about the My Elder Advocate franchise system is an indication of how successful the committed husband and wife team of Jack and Claudine Halpern will be, the future is very bright. Everyone who has had interest in learning more about the franchise has had a story to …

Senior Abuse: Feeding Tubes

Feeding Tubes Part II- Profit Motives: Questionable Feeding Tube Usage in Hospitals and Nursing Homes

Although there are legitimate situations where hospitals and nursing homes use feeding tubes, doing so for a patient with advanced cognitive issues can amplify medical and emotional problems for that individual. In too many situations, feeding tube decisions are made based on financial rather than patient care factors. Statistically, for-profit hospitals are more likely to use feeding tubes, as are …

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New York State Wants To Shove A Bad Deal Down The Throats Of Poor Elders

Thousands of elders will receive or have already received an important, time sensitive notice regarding a new program called Fully-Integrated Dual Advantage (FIDA). This program applies only to those individuals who now are receiving both their Medicare and Medicaid Benefits under an (MLTC) or a Managed Long-term care program. FIDA IS VERY CONFUSING. Even seasoned professionals do not fully understand …