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The Franchise Sales Solution To Join Our My Elder Advocate Team

gI_136038_TFSS logo red globeThe journey begins. My Elder Advocate Founders, Jack & Claudine Helpern have dreamed for years of helping and advocating for more seniors. The choice to franchise the My Elder Advocate business, has consumed them both over the past 12 months as they prepared themselves for the role of becoming franchisors.

After consulting with a team of trusted advisors, abdicating the role of franchise sales to group that had a good track record of integrating themselves into the existing team, seemed to be the practical strategy for the early stages of franchise growth. “We just knew that we were going to be very busy assisting our initial franchisees in their quest to build a business, and it was best to bring a franchise sales team in that could support our strategy for growth.” Said Claudine Helpern, COO for My Elder Advocate.