My Elder Advocate: Creating Multiple Revenue Streams

The HHA landscape is changing. More than ever, seniors and their loved ones need a place to turn. Someone they can trust. Someone who has their best interest in mind.

We’ve worked hard to be that for the aging population. But just as importantly, we’ve worked hard to be the same thing for our franchisees: a trustworthy partner with your interests in mind.

By 2020, we plan to be the marketplace leader, helping 80,000 elders every year. With our help, navigating in-home health aides, hospitals, assisted living, and nursing homes will no longer be a nightmare for elders and their families.

And at the same time, you can work with us to own and build a profitable business in this fast-growing market by accessing not just the current home care market, but multiple revenue streams across the fast-changing <>1 continuum of post-acute care for elders, without the challenges of an increasingly crowded HHA category.

1 According to GE Healthcare Camden Group, the spotlight will shine on post-acute care, thanks to population health management models and bundled payment. More transactions involving post-acute providers — home health, skilled nursing, rehabilitation, hospice ­— will create increased upheaval in this realm of healthcare.