Our Story

Elderly Woman with her GrandchildrenWhen Jack Halpern was 23, he got a job as an executive housekeeper at a nursing home. But he found learning something about himself: he was an innate listener. And what he heard was clear—elders need advocates.

After serving as a nursing home administrator for many years, he finally started the company he had dreamed of starting. One that would indeed advocate for elders. Together, he and his wife Claudine created My Elder Advocate, the only service of its kind in the United States.

Years of dealing with the challenges of assisted living facilities pushed Jack and Claudine to build a patent-pending process and system that could be duplicated through out the country. One that can help others protect the rights and dignity of elders.

As Jack educates elder care professionals, regulators and politicians, there’s one thing he and Claudine are always on the lookout for—caring professionals who are passionate about championing the cause of elder care rights in their respective communities.

If that sounds like you, we’d love for you to join us. Let us equip you to become elder advocates in your community.