What Is My Initial Investment?

Elderly Woman Solving PuzzleSome of your initial investment will be determined by the size of your territory and your decision to either hire elder advocates and support staff or to initial start by handling most services yourself. As your previously read, if you are planning on providing most services then you will not necessarily need an office to begin.

Below you will find the investment range based on various considerations

DescriptionLow InvestmentHigh Investment
Franchise Fee$39,500$39,500
Office Rental/Deposit/ImprovementsN/A$16,250
Miscellaneous *$3,200$3,450
Office Products/business Equipment$4,200$6,000
Training Expenses (Travel & Related)$3,000$6,000
Initial Marketing$9,500$9,500
Additional Funds$30,000$45,000

* Insurance, website, databases & licenses